A Duck and a Lizard Walk Into a Bar

Posted by on May 10, 2016 in Tall Tales, The Camino | One Comment

Tuesday, May 10. Las Herrerias, Spain No, it’s not the opening line to a joke. And for us, it happens several times a day. But first, a little context. In Spain what they label as a bar is really a combination of a café and social center—that also serves alcoholic beverages. It is also of […]

Pilgrims First, Tourists When we Can

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Friday, April 22 Belorado, Spain There is no bad weather, only bad clothing Danish Proverb Today is one of those days where we’re grateful we tested our clothing in rainy conditions. We started off in the predawn darkness in an effort to beat the rain forecasted for the early afternoon. We were rewarded with a […]