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Camino Portuguese Day 2: Alverca to Vila Franca

“Portugal has a peaceful feel about it. I sit on the terrace overlooking the vineyard there and I feel cut off from the world. You need that sort of thing.”

Cliff Richard, English musician
Pilgrim Mural on Path

There are parts of Portugal that do have a peaceful feel to them as Cliff Richard says in the above quote. We had a few glimpses of them in our trek today. Some highlights:

Our start in Alverca took us through a lot of industrial areas and past a Portuguese Air Base. We passed an Air Museum (did not visit) which featured a Portuguese pilot with an F-16. Portugal was a founding member of NATO in 1949.

After hiking through some fields and urban areas, we finally came out on a beautiful recreational path that stretched about three kilometers, ending in Villa Franca, our home for tonight. It is lined with wild flowers that have pleasant fragrances. Sorry we don’t have a scent option on the blog.

The twenty or so benches (including the one in the first picture in this post) are decorated with murals of path related activities. Most look well preserved for being here about nine years. A passerby told us they were painted by a local resident.

One of the best parts of a camino is meeting other pilgrims. So far in two days we’ve only seen five on the trail and have talked to just three others. We walked with a Dutch woman for part of the morning and lunched with a couple from Sweden. Compared to most Caminos, this part is sparsely populated. We expect that will change as we get closer to Santiago. Good thing we enjoy each other’s company—for the most part.

Laurie caught some great pics on our short, four hour, 12+ kilometer hike—which involved no train or bus rides today. It will give you a flavor of the variety of the trail. Watch for the picture of the antique contraption that uses a bicycle type seat and gears, but has four wheels. It was designed to ride on train tracks.

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6 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese Day 2: Alverca to Vila Franca”

  1. Dennis & Laurie, every time my plantar fasciitis hurts (both feet; ruptured in one) I am prompted to pray for the healing and relief from pain for your feet while you walk every day! Bless you as you walk the pilgrims’ path – again! – and take us alongside with your photos.

    1. Thank you. Both of us are doing better. Prayer, persistence, patience seems to be paying off. Hope you get better. Being limited stinks!

      1. The earliest part, yes. But we’re getting into smaller towns and more farm areas. But I think we’ll have more big towns on this route than we did in France.

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