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Caminho Portuguese Day 6: Monsanto to Fatima. The Longest Day

“Nothing in the world is worth doing unless it involves difficulty.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Last night we stayed at a great place several kilometers past Monsanto, our destination for the day. It is run by a couple who are Steampunk fans and enjoy the theater. The place is cleverly decorated in Steampunk motif. It helps that their son was a technical director for a Cirque de Soleil show that toured the US.

We had stopped in Monsanto and had a great lunch. Our plan was to grab items for dinner at the local store so we wouldn’t need to walk back to town for dinner. Unfortunately the one store was closed due to the Revolution Day holiday. It looked like emergency bars for us until our hosts offered us cheese, meat, bread, and a bottle of wine that far surpassed what we would have picked up at the store. Very kind, and they outdid themselves the next morning with breakfast. If you do the Caminho Portuguese, look up Lili’s Alojamento Local. And say “Bom dia” to their very friendly dog, Laika.

Today was our longest and hardest day on the trail. We were sent off by the bleating of a local flock of ewes and lambs, but it started to rain lightly soon into our trek. The weather was one of those rain gear on, rain gear off days. Not really wet, just damp. We had several steep climbs, some involving technical trails with loose rock. But the scenery was great and we encountered many cute animals and two other pairs of pilgrims—both Portuguese.

I could tell you more but my feet hurt, I’m tired even after a nap, and I’m hungry and need some painkiller (vinho) so I will let Laurie’s Relive video tell the rest of the story.

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