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Caminho Portuguese Day 1: Lisbon to Alverca do Ribatejo

“We plan, God laughs.”

Old Yiddish Saying
Lisbon Cathedral

If you know us, you know we are hooked on caminos—usually European based hiking pilgrimages, most of which end in Santiago de Compostella in Spain. We’ve done five, and today started our sixth from Lisbon 400+ miles north to Santiago. We pride ourselves on being traditionalists, walking the entire length. We prepare, we train, and endure the pain. After all, pilgrims are made to suffer, right?

We started this morning from Lisbon with a bus ride.

During our season of preparation we have both had some foot problems that experts have been able to help with, but there is some pain and our workouts were limited. We opted to take a bus ride from our flat in Lisbon this morning to shorten our normal 15 mile day to about 13–we thought we were cutting out more. It also bypassed some industrial parts of the city and put us right on the shores of the Tagus river. We’re doing our best to ease ourselves into this caminho, as it is spelled in Portuguese.

Enjoy Laurie’s Relive video at the link below. It features the waterfront, including a boardwalk which is nearly 3.8 miles long—the longest we’ve ever encountered on a hike. It was filled with runners, bikers, and families out enjoying a sunny Sunday.

We’ve spent many weeks in Portugal before. After our first camino in 2016 we spent three weeks in Porto and loved it. Last year we spent several weeks doing the “Fisherman’s Walk” on the shore south of Lisbon and then spent time in Lisbon. It is a popular place for American expatriates. Our friend Jim, from our Tacoma Camino group, sent us this interesting article about Portugal and their current situation. If you want to dive deeper you can read it here.

As always, feel free to post questions or comments. Or just delete it if you’ve gotten this far.

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