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Biking the Loire Valley

We’ve switched gears from hiking and touring to biking and touring. After three years of Covid-delays we finally arrived in the Loire Valley where an English expat couple has set us up with bikes, equipment, and excellent guidance for multiple days of biking out of the small town of Bourgueil.

The valley is well know for the many chateaus in the area. Yesterday we started with one that inspired the writer of Sleeping Beauty. We ended at one where they were filming season two of The Serpent Queen about Catherine de’ Medici, a 16th century French queen and mother of three queens. On that hot and muggy day, did not envy the actors and actresses running around in multi-layered period costumes.

We did miss the chateau owned by Mick Jagger. Still waiting on that invitation.

We love hiking but it is nice to be on bikes, especially in this hot and humid weather. Also great to have a home base where we leave our gear and not have to haul it from town to town each day.

Laurie’s Relive shows how pleasantly flat the terrain is on this part of adventure.

And here are pictures of the Chateau where they were filming The Serpent Queen. The most manicured gardens I have seen on this trip.

And if you’re interested in biking or other tours in the Loire Valley check out Loire Valley Breaks.

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