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Alsace Wine Route Day 3: Tale of Two Tours

Today was our last long hiking segment on this entire trip. Just over thirteen miles and with temperatures in the high 70s instead of the 80s made it a lot more enjoyable.

We also enjoyed many pretty little French villages with ancient houses, flowers, and in one case—a swarm of bees.

The predominant use of land is still vineyards, but we did see a greater variety of crops just like day two. We also saw more livestock including pretty french horses.

The highlight, or lowlight, of the day, were the separate tours we took. Late in the afternoon we stopped at a winery for a leisurely lunch. Afterwards, Laurie and I stayed to take a tour while Kim and Trev crossed the street to tour what is supposedly a great Gingerbread museum and tour. Laurie and I have been on a lot of winery tours but this one was interesting and detailed. We feel like we earned at least one college credit on Alsatian wine. First time we’ve ever seen videos played on 150 year old wine barrels. To provide perspective, the barrels in the pictures below are about ten feet tall. If you’re ever in the Alsace region, we do recommend the Zeyssolff Winery. More info at

The Gingerbread tour: Maybe worth an elementary school credit? Their comment was, “We’ve seen better museums for free.” The samples were unimpressive as well. Can’t hit a home run each time I guess. Recommendation: Drop by the store if you’re in the area, skip the paid tour.

Fortunately the great weather and scenery make up for any disappointments. And, we settled into a nice walled city for the evening.

Laurie’s Relive video catches the spirit of a great day. Including cute horse pictures and the pre-excitement of the Gingerbread tour.