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A Journey Across Spain: Hiking the Camino de Santiago

Laurie and I were blessed to be able to journey across the northern breadth of Spain last April and May as we hiked the Camino de Santiago, a twelve hundred year old pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela in the Galacian region of Spain. We then completed the walk to the coast to Finisterre, known since Roman times as “The End of the Earth.”
Here are two videos, one just over five minutes and the other “extended version” close to thirty.

Short Version

The second also contains some of the videos we made and shared almost every day with friends, family, and readers.

Extended Version

If you’d like to know more about our experiences, many of the early stories on this website are related to our Camino experience and preparation. During this adventure we saw amazing sights, met great people, and tested ourselves. We finished the 45 days with only one blister each and a case of tendinitis–mine, not hers.

Seattle Area Presentation

We will be speaking about our Camino experience, life lessons learned, and provide practical advice on making the trek at the Auburn Public Library on Sunday, Feb 5th from 3:00 to 4:00 PM. If you’re in the area hope you drop by. The library is located at 1102 Auburn Way South in Auburn.

The Music

jocelyn-pettit-caravan-album-artWhen we returned from our European tour, our friends Avis and Bernard, gave us a copy of their friend Jocelyn Pettit‘s Caravan album. They said the Walk the Road track reminded them of us. We loved it so much we asked Jocelyn if we could use the album as audio for our Camino videos. Fortunately for us, she said, “Yes.” If you like the music you can download tracks or purchase the CD at CDBaby

Travel Update

We are preparing for a cross US tour starting on February 26th. We will spend four and a half months seeing the country (with a side trip into Ontario), visiting friends, seeing new sites, and doing some hiking. First thing, we head due south to California seeking sun and warmth. Then we work our way around the coast counter clockwise to Chicago. We finish with Route 66 before returning home to the Seattle area in mid-July. Maybe we’ll see you during our journey.

5 thoughts on “A Journey Across Spain: Hiking the Camino de Santiago”

  1. Lovely reprise! Brings back all the memories from your posts–the one metal sculpture brings to mind the sculpture in the scablands of WA “Grandfather lets out the horses”–ever seen it? It’s right along the main road from Spokane. And is that one statue of El Cid?

    1. The statue IS of El Cid–located in Burgos. I think the horse sculpture you’re talking about is above the Columbia near Vantage. They do have some similarities.

    1. It was fun meeting the two of you, Mary. What an adventure. I bet you recognize at least a few of the shots–and the video of the cows in the rain.

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