Seven Fun Things About Living in England

Brighton-Hove, September 30th We left our home base in Seattle in early April and have since lived in six different countries. Each place has it’s own charms. We’ve been in England since August 13. Here are a few of our favorite things about living in England. Many kids call their mother,“Mummy.” Listening to the local […]

The Hardest Climb: Croagh Patrick

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During our seven weeks of walking the Camino we had some tough days. We dealt with steep climbs, a thunderstorm, drizzling rain, and shale gulleys that caused tendonitis. But the toughest hike we’ve made during our European sojourn has been—Croagh Patrick: Saint Patrick’s Holy Mountain in County Mayo, Ireland. Croagh Patrick is a 762 meter […]

You Had me at Food

One of our favorite ways of getting acquainted with a new “home” during our travels is a walking tour. It may not cover as much territory as a motorized tour but we get to see a location up close, get some exercise, and learn more about local culture and history. On walking tours, we also […]

A New Scottish Clan

August 12, Scotland You have to love a group that chooses to go back and rescue a trapped lamb. After two weeks of living in Glasgow, Laurie and I decided to wrap up our Scottish adventure with a bus tour of some more remote areas. We opted to go with a local company named Rabbies […]

It’s the People

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August 2, Glasgow, Scotland Years ago Laurie and I were in Manhattan trying to locate the New York Public Library. We’d heard about the amazing architecture and reading rooms and wanted to check the place out. The library appears in films ranging from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Ghostbusters. This was before the days when my […]